Why don´t you get rid of your old mobile phone within
our REMOBIL project? REMOBIL - the right way for a real help….

Our common challenge

Current situation Our goal
10 000 mob. phones Collection of 10 000 mobile phones
100 000 CZK Contribution of 100 000 CZK for "Jedlička Institute and Schools" (JÚŠ) for physically disabled young people in Prague
1600 hrs 1600 hours of work for disabled
96 707 km Saving of 96 707 km driven by car
299 000 litre Saving of 299 000 litre of water
15 860 CO2 ekv. Saving of 15 860 kilograms of CO2 ekv.

How the project really works

  1. Contact us
    Contact info@remobil.cz for arranging the date and other details
  2. Placing of collection boxes
    NFC shall be placed at the premises of your company
    (for period of 1-2 months – at the front desk or other common places)
  3. Collection
    After the given time we shall pick up the box with mobile phones and accessories
  4. Evaluation
    Certificate on Environmental savings and other benefits will be issued for participating company once collected mobile phones are calculated. At the same time employees shall be included into our competition.
  1. Recycling
    Eventually all collected mobile phones are handed over to our authorized treatment partners for re-use or recycling. At this spot the mobile phones are dismantled into components (plastics, glass, metal…) by handicapped or other disadvantaged people. This material is returned back into the life in a form of other various products.

This project is founded by RETELA – non-for-profit organisation operating WEEE compliance scheme in the Czech Republic, and it is run by Envisolution, s.r.o.
Retela, s.r.o.

What are the reasons for taking part?
The company, where you work shall:

  • Obtain the Certificate of Corporate Social Responsibility
    presenting contribution of the involved company regarding environmental savings as well as general promoting of the company.
  • Gain benefit for employees
    Within the benefit the employees shall have the opportunity to get rid of mobile phones they do not use anymore including accessories
  • Have a chance to participate in our competition
    Everyone who shall label the mobile phone with his contact, shall be included into the competition of win mobile phone in a value of 10 000 CZK
  • Be visible
    there is a possibility to place a company logo of the webpages of Remobil

About mobile phones

  • Amount of end of life mobile (EoL) phones is still growing and stockpilling in households
  • Nowadays average Czech household stores more then one EoL mobile phones
  • There is estimation, that in the Czech republic during years 1990-2000 about 45 thousands pieces of EoL mobile phones were arised, during 2000-2010 it was more then 6,5 millions and estimation for 2010-2020 is about 26 millions pieces.
  • Did you know, that mobile phones in Africa are used as ATM´s?
  • In the year 2014 there were 127 pieces of mobile phones per 100 inhabitants in the Czech Republic and in some cities in China there were even twice the amount
  • Globally, there is about 7 billions pieces of mobile phones
  • On the one hand mobile phones contain hazardous and toxic substances, e. g. mercury, arsenic or lead, on the other hand valuable substances as gold, silver or palladium. Well, it is very important to recycle EoL mobile phones on the right manner

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